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welcome to jimmy jammys

Introducing the latest in quality, comfortable men's sleepwear, JIMMY JAMMYS.

JIMMY JAMMYS understand what you want in the bedroom! It's your safe haven, your pleasure palace, your time to relax, unwind and re-energise. JIMMY JAMMYS understand that sleep matters and our quality, stylish, uber-breathable 100% cotton sleep shorts and boxers ensure your shut-eye is as comfortable as possible


COMFORT - Let's talk from the waist down. JIMMY JAMMYS recognise comfort is for Kings. Our shorts and boxers boast a loose-fitting waist area, with the extra length elastic covered in the same quality material as the shorts, avoiding nasty red marks and unavoidable sweating when elastic comes into contact with skin.

EASY ACCESS - Open or closed? You choose! Moving down, we've designed a quick-to open button fly area.

CONSIDERING YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT - An invisible soft strip makes sure that nothing rubs the wrong way and topping this we've designed a comfort panel for extra space. Quality cotton material means less sweating while you unwind, allowing you to sleep and breathe easy, after all, A King always looks after his jewels!

Aussie Style

Just when you thought JIMMY JAMMYS has everything covered, there’s one last thing to mention about this crazy-comfy sleepwear range.  We believe that bringing colour into your dreams is a priority.  Australian designed fun sleep shorts and boxers with styles to match your character and personality. So whether you’re tucking the kids in or waking up to make that perfect cuppa, rest assured you’re always travelling (or resting) in true Aussie style. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want your experience with us to be simple and easy. We provide an easy buying process with fast shipping. Contact us at any time with your questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Enjoy hanging in comfort and style with JIMMY JAMMYS sleepwear and boxers.


Jimmy Jammy’s Launch Information & Designs

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